Shaded blue Twill Denim Jeans

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SKU: DNJN00028330

Rs. 1,199.00

Ever since Denim jeans came into existence, their popularity has gone up for several reasons, one being that they are the clothes that need lesser care in comparison to the other clothes. In fact, Denim jeans for men are one of the most popular men's wear out there from DANUZZZ.

Men's jeans in Denim could be a great choice; however, they should be sourced from the right brand. When you browse through a pair of denim jeans for men from DANUZZZ you would come to know how well are these not just in terms of looks but in comfort & fit as well. It makes perfect sense to browse through the range of denim jeans for men and choose the one that could make you feel awesome and fabulous. Finding out the right denim jeans for men could be a task; however, when you buy a new pair of denim jeans and end up ditching the jeans or going back to the store for a replacement, it could be definitely a bad experience.

Therefore, explore for once a pair of DANUZZZ MENS Jeans & feel our youth slogan "DONT FORGET TO LIVE........"

  • A slim-fit stretch Twill denim with metal branding.
  • Features 4 pocket design & Stylish front 1 coin pocketing
  • Zip fly & shank button fastening.

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